The muse and the camera breakdown

Nikolina and I decided to do another summery photoshoot at Arboretum Norr in Umeå. Since she had gotten a great tan we decided to go for a white summer dress to complement her skintone. She did an excellent job in front of the camera as always and she is always a joy to shoot.

What did not do a very good job however, was my Pentax 645NII medium format camera. When I started shooting the second roll of Tri-X, it went completely nuts and decided to play “what’s my shutter speed” after each shot. I was in luck, however, as I had brought my digital Fuji X100s. I brought it because I wanted to take a few black and white test shots with it. It had mostly been sitting on the shelf for the last few years because I prefer the look of film. But if you can get pass the horrible menus and way too many dials, it has nice optics and is actually very nice to shoot. Very stealthy for street but too quiet for photoshoots, so I turned on the artificial shutter sound and cranked up the volume to max.

In the end we got some nice photos after all. I guess the lesson here is to always bring a back up 🙂