Easter in Dalarna, Sweden

Photography wise this winter has been exceptionally uninspiring and so material from the last six months is sparse. I did, however, take some photographs during my Easter trip to Vansbro, Dalarna. The town is mostly famous for its annual swimming contest, which in recent years is pretty much all it has going for it. There is a slight feeling of decay, which can be both beautiful and tragic, depending on how you look at it. It is, however, adjacent to a lot of beautiful nature surrounding two rivers (where the swimming competition is held). I took only about 2/3 of a roll of Portra 400 in my Nikon FG-20 though, so this post is very short. But I was really happy with how the colours turned out on this roll. Mostly due to the excellent processing by Canadian Film Lab but possibly also because I believe these have quite amount of extra exposure to them comparing to how I usually shoot.