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I like to visit sightseeing spots when I am in Japan – it’s convenient, often easy to access and easy to photograph. But I also like to take snapshots of the daily stuff that is going on around me when I am there.  Often, that is what define my memories of Japan and make me nostalgic and wanting to go back. It’s things like going to the convenient store and picking out some interesting plastic wrapped food or snack, listening to the whistling bird sound while waiting at pedestrian crossings, blipping your Suica card at the subway gates, getting a cold (or hot) drink at one of the many vending machines, hearing the announcements on trains or train stations and trying to understand it, or listening to the clerks shouting IRASSHAIMASEEEE (Welcome!) when you walk by or enter a store or restaurant.

All photos were shot on Portra 800 film, using Nikon FE2 and 50mm/1.4 lens, and Ricoh GR1s. Thanks to Canadian Film Lab for excellent development and scanning.